What do you know about Religious Gay Conversion Therapy?

Do you believe that LGBTQ+ people can change?

Do you think that sexuality is a matter of choice?

Have you ever really talked to someone in the LGBTQ+ Community?

What do you really know about Religious Gay Conversion Therapy (RGCT)?

There are a lot of folks whose have come to conclusions about these questions who have had no real or direct experience with RGCT or even the LGBTQ+ Community.

Many may be well meaning people whose religious programming has convinced them that it must be effective.  For them it is the only way they can reconcile their LGBTQ+ friends, family and congregation members to what their theology teaches.

It seems there are only a few choices for these people:

  1. Sexuality is not a choice for heterosexuals, but somehow is a choice for the LBGTQ+ Population.
  2. Because it is a “choice”, then the LGBTQ+ Population could become “straight” through God’s Divine intercession via “faith”, “prayer”, “re-education” or a combination of techniques.
  3. Because it is a “choice”, then being in the LGBTQ+ Population is a “sin” that can be stopped.

Anything contrary to the above set of reasoning if a confrontation to their theology. Pastors, parents, friends and family can be severely challenged by this issue.

Often conversations can look like this: “So if this is a choice, then conversion therapy should be an effective treatment, after all you can choose differently and “nothing is impossible for God”.

But what is the success rate of Religious Gay Conversion Therapy?  And at what Cost?

Perhaps a look at how RGCT has worked- or not worked may give you insight into these questions.

Anthony Venn- Brown is a former high profile Pastor in the New Zealand Mega Church “Hillsong”. He has been through the process of RGCT and has compiled a report which includes many of the issues facing LGBTQ+ in the United States.

Are you a Pastor, parent, friend or loved one who is LGBTQ+?  Are you open minded enough to examine Conversion Therapy closer even if it is challenging?

You can read Anthony Venn-Brown’s report Here:


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