When Times get tough…the tough get gardening!

GYCC is reaching out to the Community to provide a sense of hope and a bit of control in these chaotic times. Together we can be prepared to thrive, no matter what comes next.

With the “Grow Our Own” Program we are working to increase the integrity of the local food chain, support Emergency Preparedness and provide a great way to meet new friends and make connections during quarantine!

This is Pat! Pat Beitel is a retired RN, MSN, WHNP with an absolute passion for community advocacy and public health. She believes that education is an equalizer and she jumped in at the chance to educate the public on emergency preparedness and food sustainability.


And this is Pat’s Straw Bale Garden!

Pat lives in the Mountains of Prescott and shares her lovely property with lots of wild life, including a family of deer. Normal in-ground gardening was not an option for Pat and her husband Gary, but she was excited to try out something new!

Straw Bale Gardening is a great opportunity for individuals, families and organizations to grow their own food and some to share with the Community.

  • Participants can choose to grow from one….to ten Straw Bales at their home or Organization.
  • GYCC will provide Education, Support and Networking with other Gardeners

After the Bales were delivered- Pat started the 10 day Conditioning Program where she added Nitrogen Fertilizer on specific days and soaked the bales daily. Here’s what that looks like:

After 10 days or so the Bales were ready to Plant!

But Pat wasn’t the only on excited about the Plants! A family of deer hungrily watched as she planted the beds. So here is Pat’s stylish solution to the local furry raiders.


Join GYCC and “Grow Our Own”!

Grow our Own” is a new approach to Gardening for the Community – It’s a Satellite, Grow your own Hay Bale Garden program Supporting Preparedness & Community Networking

  • Participants can choose to grow one…or ten Straw Bales at their home or Organization
  • GYCC will provide Education, Support & Networking to other gardens
  • Produce can be used for individuals or shared with the Community Network.

Hay Bales will provide gardening opportunity those who not capable of having a garden in their current living circumstances. This will be a pilot program to teach those who wish to learn about home gardening, and hopefully, with your help, provide starter kits to help them kick off their own personal gardens.

For more information or to start your own Straw Bale Garden Visit Us Here.