So after spending about 12 days Conditioning our Straw Bales, we eagerly awaited the chance to put in our “Plant Babies”.

The “Conditioning Phase” went pretty smoothly. Here’s the schedule we followed:

We just used regular, non-organic lawn fertilizer for the nitrogen this time and applied it as directed. Then we soaked them really well daily.

We eagerly watched the Bale Temperature on Days 13-15. We used our regular kitchen meat thermometer and just stuck it in the top of the bale

Because we got a bit of a late start, we decided to purchase plant starters, which are plants that have been commercially grown as opposed to starting our own from seeds. We were so excited that we purchased our Plant Babies a little too soon and had to keep them watered and shaded for a few days.

Here they are!

Now….we wait!

On Day 16 our Bales were still 125 degrees! It was so hard to wait!!

Finally, on Day 17 the Temperature dropped below 100 Degrees and we were able to give our Plant Babies a new home!

Here it is in all it’s Straw Bale Glory!

Join us next time as we check out our Satellite Garden at Pat Beidel’s House!


Molly Freibott is the Co Founder of GYCC. She has a passion for organizing, managing programs supporting the Community and Faith Based Programs, especially those for under supported populations.