In these uncertain times, we are seeing a need for hope. People are needing a sense of control in their lives, no matter how small. We as a Community need to be prepared to thrive, whatever comes next.

GYCC is excited to announce our “Grow Our Own” Program!

“Grow our Own” is a new approach to Gardening for the Community – It’s a Satellite, Grow your own Hay Bale Garden program Supporting Preparedness & Community Networking

  • Participants can choose to grow one…or ten Straw Bales at their home or Organization
  • GYCC will provide Education, Support & Networking to other gardens
  • Produce can be used for individuals or shared with the Community Network.

Hay Bales will provide gardening opportunity those who not capable of having a garden in their current living circumstances. This will be a pilot program to teach those who wish to learn about home gardening, and hopefully, with your help, provide starter kits to help them kick off their own personal gardens.

We hope to have Co-op type gatherings where members of the community can trade some of their produce for produce raised by others, so one person only need worry about one type of produce, not multiple.

Here’s how you can help!

  • We are looking for donations of garden items: Fertilizer, potting soil, starter plants
  • Cash donations will be used for acquiring hay bales, plants and garden supplies
  • Gift Cards will help participants buy the needed plants and supplies

We are hoping that our new program will be that ray of hope in our Community and we are looking for partners who can help make that hope a reality.

Anyone who Donates or Partners with us will get full credit, a link on our website as well as education brochures/materials we produce for this program.

Thank you for your time and attention and we hope to hear from you soon!

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Molly Freibott is the Co Founder of GYCC. She has a passion for organizing, managing programs supporting the Community and Faith Based Programs, especially those for under supported populations.