Each week GYCC receives calls from Community Members in need. 

Because of this, we created the GYCC Community Support Fund.             

As a result, we were able to meet so many needs!  Here are some highlights:

GYCC provided: 

  • A Veteran LGBTQ Community Member emergency vet care and medication for their licensed support dog.
  • Food, mattresses, bedding and kitchen wares for a formally homeless LGBTQ family moving into their first apartment.
  • Diapers, Formula, Baby Bottles, Clothes and Supplies for a new Single Mom.
  • Baby clothing, diapers, wipes & toys for new LGBTQ Foster Parents who took in two foster kids without any supplies.
  • Emergency overnight lodging and transportation to an inclusive shelter for an LGBTQ couple experiencing homelessness.
  • Grocery cards for a Community member that needed a little help at the end of the month.

GYCC’s first priority is to provide support, resources and love to Community Members in need.

Help us continue our work by supporting the Community Support Fund Here!