Here is a short list of terms and what they mean.  PLEASE to not take this as a comprehensive list as things change in a very quick manner in our society.  Also please take into account as most groups of LGBTQ are isolated and sometimes develop their OWN definitions to terms, be mindful if someone says that is now what a term means, they were just told differently usually.

Pronouns:  very important to use the pronouns they prefer: chosen name and he/she/they.  It is never impolite to ask if you are just trying to learn.

CIS: one of the more controversial for some, it is the MEDICAL term for someone who is NOT transgender, born with a body and psyche that match.  They generally fit into the stereotypical gender binary.

Gender Dysphoria: 
This is the medical term that basically defines someone who is a transsexual.  They are psychologically distressed by the fact their body does NOT match their gender identity.  This was originally called “Gender Identity Disorder” or GID and was before they finally could say for certainty that being trans was NOT a mental disease, which is why they changed it.  Just like being gay was once considered to be a mental illness, and was finally found to be just a variation in humanity, just like in a lot of species.

Transition:  there are two types of transition, see the definition below
1.  Social Transition: this is when a child who has been through enough therapy that both the parents AND the therapist feel it is in the best interest, medically and psychologically, of the child to be allowed to present as their proper Gender.  A LOT of people misunderstand this and think it is a MEDIC transition, which a lot of groups, who are using outdated information or propaganda, feel is basically child abuse.  The opposite is the truth of course.  NO CHILD is EVER given any drugs or surgeries to start transition until at LEAST puberty.

  1. Medical Transition: This is when the Medical Doctor comes into the picture, after all three, the parents, therapist AND MD agree it is safe for the child, at puberty they might be started in Puberty Blockers. Despite claims by those who oppose this, there is a LONG medical history for this, not just Trans kids, but children who have incurable aging conditions, etc.  There are NO lasting side effects, the only “negative” is that they MIGHT lose some height, etc if they prolong the use of blockers for more than a few years.  Usually by then, they are sure that the child is truly a transsexual (not all transgender persons use medical procedures or prescriptions to change their body) and can then proceed to using HRT to “induce”  the proper puberty for the child. This keeps them from developing unwanted secondary sexual charactistics like body hair, an Adams apple or breasts (if they are a Female to Male transition), thus removing the need for expensive, and only marginally successful, procedures later in life.